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This list features the Richest professional skateboaders.

Richest Skateboarders

Rank Name Net Worth Nationality
1 Tony Hawk $140 million American
2 Rob Dyrdek $50 million American
3 Jamie Thomas $50 million American
4 Rodney Mullen $30 million American
5 Stefan Janoski $20 million American
6 Chad Muska $16 million American
7 Ryan Sheckler $16 million American
8 Eric Koston $15 million American
9 Tony Alva $15 million American
10 Wee Man $12 million American
11 Danny Way $11.5 million American
12 Lance Mountain $10 million American
13 Stacy Peralta $10 million American
14 Andrew Reynolds $10 million American
15 Ed Templeton $10 million American
16 Mike Vallely $10 million American
17 Bob Burnquist $8 million American
18 Ryan Dunn $6 million American
19 Nyjah Huston $6 million American
20 Andy Macdonald $6 million American
21 Paul Rodriguez, Jr. $6 million American
22 Tommy Guerrero $4 million American
23 Steve Berra $3.5 million American
24 Bucky Lasek $2.5 million American
25 Daewon Song $1.2 million Korean-American
26 Jay Adams $1 million American
27 Anthony Mosley $1 million American
28 Kevin Pearce $1 million American
29 Steven Fernandez $1 million American
30 Tosh Townend $800 Thousand American
31 Tim Glomb $500 Thousand American
32 Christian Hosoi $500 Thousand American
33 Brandon Novak $200 Thousand American
34 Jeff Phillips $100 Thousand American

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