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In today's sports world most professional sports team charter airplanes from major air carriers such as Delta Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines, but a select few have their own planes to maximize the comfort and specific amenities to help give the team an edge over the competition. Charter and sponsorship deals are handled separately in most cases, so just because a team charters with an airlines does not mean they are sponsored by that airline.

Note that most charters of major airlines use the same planes as their regular passenger routes, so don't picture a luxurious completely first class airplane setup. However, Delta has recently added new planes to its fleet specifically for luxury charters, with extra space for each seat.

National Football League

Major League Baseball

For the 2016 MLB Season United leads the way, running charters for 13 teams. Delta will serve charters for 7 teams, and American Airlines will only be serving the Diamondbacks.

United Airlines

Delta Airlines

American Airlines

National Basketball Association

National Hockey League


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